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Questioning the definition and implications of permanence, abundance and excess through materials.


This installation is confrontational, overwhelming, claustrophobic and delicate.  Web-like structure.  Nerve endings, brain cells, sinuous tissue deep in the body


An entanglement of plastic stretched end to end would span over one mile, 6000 zip ties and 3000 feet of ultra thin monofilament. 


Clay pods on the floor guide the viewer through the dense installation, allowing the viewer to navigate through the chaos by crouching, climbing over and eventually standing in the center of the installation, being overtaken and caught in the middle


Manmade materials create an organic structure. Chaos and rhythm. Fractals. Line.


Manipulate and deconstruct, rebuild and manipulate again.  Create an experience for the viewer, forcing them to confront issues self and body, nature and environment.  A way to recognize and connect but also question and be skeptical.

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